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Setup IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 server

februari 7, 2011

After installing the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 server you have to setup the server. Set first the right Full computer name before you start with the next steps, because these names will be used as defaults (We strongly advice to do this step first).

Step 1:

Click Start -> All Programs -> Lotus Applications -> Lotus Domino Server.

Step 2:

On the Welcome to Domino Server Setup! page, click Next.

Step 3:

Verify that Set up the first server or standalone server is selected. Click Next.

Step 4:

Set the server name if necessary. Click Next.

Step 5:

On the the Choose your organization name page:

  • Set the organization name if necessary;
  • Set your password in both password boxes.

Click Next.

Step 6:

Enter the Domnio domain name if necessary. Click Next.

Step 7:

SpecifyYour name and password (use the password you entered earlier). Click  Next.

Step 8:

For Internet services, select only Web Browser (HTTP services). Click Next.

Step 9:

Click Customize.

Step 10:

Disable all ports except TCP/IP. Enter the fully qualified Internet host name if necessary. Click OK. Click Next.

Step 11:

Accept the defaults on the Secure your Domino Server page. Click Next.

Step 12:

Review the information. Click Setup.

Step 13:

When the setup completes, click Finish.

Most likely is the Domnio Server defined as service and will automatically startup the next time. You are now ready to setup IBM Lotus Domino Designer.

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